With H.O.L.A. you are never too old and never too busy to learn a language.

The H.O.L.A. Method

At H.O.L.A. we know that everybody can learn English! Our specialty is teaching adults and providing a flexible structure, so you’re never too old and never too busy to learn with us! You get the advantages of online resources and the best classroom experience. 


Adults learn differently than children, and our teachers are trained to provide adults just what they need for success. Whatever your learning speed is, it is just right. Making mistakes is absolutely fine and in our classroom we will make sure you always feel comfortable speaking up!

What makes H.O.L.A. special is our interest in YOU. We want you to feel comfortable with us and to feel successful as you pursue your goals. Not everyone learns best on a computer or a phone, but a local classroom just isn't a possibility. We emphasize the personal relationship you will develop with your teacher and your classmates to make your experience as much like a classroom as possible. We have fantastic teachers that will be with you the whole way and who will help you make the most of the learning tools available.

Holistic for us also means learning all aspects of a language and its culture. This goes beyond speaking and listening or reading and writing. We offer live elements and creative ways to learn on your own, so using the language becomes part of your daily life. Living or working in a new country has many hidden challenges, but our teachers have experience living in other cultures and will help you with your own intercultural communication. As your skills progress and you are ready for more challenging topics and materials you may want to join a class about current topics, a debate, or a writing workshop!